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What is Solar Pool Heating and How Does It Work?
Solar pool heating involves a system that uses Sun’s solar power to heat the pool water. They are an innovative and reliable way of heating water if you want to lower your energy bills. They harness the Sun’s power to warm your pool so that you will be able to take a dip even in cold weather. The working mechanism of solar pool heaters is quite simple. They gradually warm the pool water until it has reached the desired temperature. The whole pool water is passed through several stages and made comfortable for swimming. You can take a fresh dip or relax in your pool even on cold nights. Solar pool heating makes your swimming experience extraordinary. 

Parts of Solar Pool Heater

Most solar heaters consist of the following parts:
  • Solar collector: It is the device through which pool water is circulated and collected to be heated by the sun.
  • A filter: This filter removes all the particles and debris before the water is moved to the pump.
  • Water pump: The water pump circulates the water through the filter and collector and then back to the pool. 
  • Flow control valve: It regulates the flow of water through the solar collector. 

How does a Solar Pool Heater Work?

Solar heaters utilize the Sun’s energy to heat your pool’s water. It heats the pool water through a series of steps. It is collected from the pool, filtered, heated, and then pumped back into the pool. It is a convenient and environmentally friendly option for warming up your pool water. The detailed process of water heating is given below:

Pumping the water

In the first step, the water is pumped from the swimming pool through a filter. It is then accumulated in the solar collector.

Solar collector heats the water

After the water is pumped through the filter and reaches the collector, it starts heating up. The solar heater heats the pool water significantly. There are so many types of solar collectors with varied levels of heating. Choose the solar collector material according to your needs.

Warm water collected back

To ensure a balanced water temperature, some solar heating systems have sensors that help to maintain the temperature of the pool. If it is too hot it is diverted back to the collector. However, if the temperature of the water is similar to the pool’s temperature, it is collected back in the pool.

How Warm Does the Water Get Due to The Solar Pool Heater?

Solar pool heaters have proved to be a very effective and eco-friendly way of heating water. It has minimal drawbacks. They significantly raise the temperature to several degrees and make them very comfortable for swimming. It should be considered that solar heaters do not greatly raise the pool temperature. If you want to have 60℃ temperature of pool water then solar systems are not a good option. Solar heaters can increase the pool temperature by 8 to 12 degrees or up to 80 F depending upon the conditions.  Solar heaters are designed to heat water with a slow process slightly. They take time to heat water but consistently maintain the water temperature. Certain factors will affect the heating and working of your solar heaters like location, collector size, or weather conditions. 

Effectivity of a Solar Pool Heater

The efficiency of the solar heater is based on the ability to heat water. Its thermal performance is obtained in bfu/ft2day. The higher the power you get from these formulas the more efficient your solar heat performance is. They provide effectiveness in two ways; by reducing energy bills and providing a sustainable environment.   You can hire the Best Solar Pool Heating services to install a good collector and pump for the heating system. Professional Solar Pool Heating companies like SolarTEK Energy have made their name in providing amazing Solar pool heaters for so many years. 

Solar vs Gas/Propane Heaters

Gas and propane heaters have been in use for so many years. Solar heaters are alternatives to these heaters in modern times. There are a few things to consider when comparing both heaters. Solar pool heaters are much cheaper than gas or propane heaters. They use the Sun’s free solar energy, making them more cost-efficient. The only cost is the collecting pump. They require extremely low maintenance and can last a great time.  In contrast, gas or propane heaters are very expensive. Solar heaters are extremely environment-friendly as they do not emit carbon. Gas heaters use natural resources like fossil fuels which greatly harm the environment.  Although solar heaters take time to heat your pool they are much more advantageous than gas or propane heaters. 

Some Factors to Keep in Mind

As you know solar heaters are dependent on the Sun rays so that means it is greatly affected by climatic conditions. Pool areas where there is not much Sun energy will tend to heat later than hot areas. Even if you live in a hot area and your solar system is placed in a shabby area, the heating system will take a lot of time to warm up. It works the best for houses that are facing South. However, you can have installers come out to perform analysis. 

Final words

Solar pool heating is an efficient way of heating your pool water. It is a convenient option for those who want to reduce carbon footprints. Solar pool heater works on simple principles and effectively heat the pool water. They are pumped and filtered into the collector where they are heated through the solar palettes. When they attain the right temperature, they are pumped back into the pool. Solar heaters are initially costly but they are very beneficial in the long term saving. They harness inexpensive sun rays to heat your pool in cold weather. They are the best alternative for gas/propane heaters. Make them a part of your house and enjoy swimming in the perfectly warm pool.

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