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Swimming pools are a fun and practical addition to any home. These can be the go-to place whenever you need to relax and want to spend some quality time with your family. Not to mention that swimming is one of the best exercises that you can do and also a life-saving skill.

Now add an energy-efficient heater to get warm water every time you get in your pool. It’s like a dream come true. Solar-heated pools are designed to provide warm baths outside of your home. Having a solar-heated pool is no less than a luxury. 

However, your investment in this luxurious addition can go to waste if the system isn’t installed properly. You might be able to get the most expensive equipment for your pool, but if the installation is not done correctly, it’s not worth it. That is why you must hire the best company to install these systems for you. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the things that you should check before hiring one. So, let’s answer what factors determine the best solar pool heating company.

  • They are specialized in what they do.

Make sure that the company you are hiring specializes in solar pool services. By specializing, we don’t mean that they are experts in solar systems. However, they are experts in integrating solar systems into your pool’s heating systems.

You will encounter people who will claim that they are the experts while in reality, their main expertise is in installing normal solars on roofs. Yes, there are some big companies that have specialized staff for different solar solutions, but those are rare and very expensive. 

Specialized companies will perfectly integrate your solar systems with the pool’s heating systems. They will ensure that there are no compatibility issues and that you get uninterrupted warm water all the time. 

  • Know the local regulations and permits

Heated solar pools aren’t very common. There might be some states that don’t allow these or have very strict procedures to get permission to get one. Your contractor should be aware of all the local regulations regarding heated solar pools. 

They should be able to help you with all the permits and procedures to get permission from local authorities. You can check their website for legal information. If it’s not available, you can talk to one of their experts and ask them directly.

If they stutter or ask for some time to check the details, it probably means that they are not aware of any. You should avoid such companies because a wrong or illegal installation can get you in trouble. 

  • Offer services at reasonable rates

You might think that the better a company is the more they will charge. That is not true in most of the cases. The bigger and better the company, the lower the rates can be. 

These companies are in direct contact with wholesale dealers and can buy quality materials at lower prices by making bulk purchases. Also, they have built a reputation in the market and won’t ruin their reputation just for one high quote. 

Get multiple quotes from different companies and compare which one provides the lowest price without compromising on the quality of their services.


  • Have enough experience

The company should have served for a decent number of years. A good indication for a company is to have at least 5 years of experience in a specific industry. You should also check how experienced their staff is. After all they are the ones who will be performing the job and not the company itself. 

If the company is new but they have hired seasoned professionals, then it is okay to get their services. The opposite is also true. If the company is old but recently laid off the experts to reduce the cost, then avoiding is the best thing to do. 

  • Provide after-service customer support

You want people who won’t disappear after providing you with the services. You will not be able to check if the system is working properly or not. It will take you time to use the system in different weather conditions and under different settings. 

If you face any issue in the near future, you have to make sure that the professionals who installed it will be available. Good companies provide customer support services even after they have performed their job. Their goal is customer satisfaction and they try their best to achieve it. You should their website to see if they have an active calling line or an email where you can contact them easily. 

  • Full service providers

Professional companies provide all the services regarding one particular product. You will often see the term “Full-service providers”. It means that they have the expertise to help you with everything like solar pool heating repair, installation, integration, maintenance, and much more. 

Hiring such a company will save you from the unnecessary hassle of contacting multiple people, just to keep your pool warm.

 Also, if a company claims to be a full-service provider, you should ask them what services they cover. You don’t want to call them in the future and find out that they don’t help with the electrical components. 

  • Provide insured services

This is very important. You should always look for a fully certified and insured company. They will need some days to complete the job, depending on the size of the project. During that time they will have to operate some heavy equipment like lifters to lift the panels to the roof. You need to make sure that you are safe from any damage. 

Hiring an insured company will give you peace of mind as you will not have to worry about anything while they perform their job at your property. 

  • Aks locals

A good way to check the credibility of a company is to ask the locals. Try to find people who have got services from them in the past. You will be able to get an honest review from them. 

They will be able to tell you things that you might not be able to find anywhere else. It is quite possible that they also invite you to see the work that they have performed on their pool. 

  • What warranties do they provide?

Warranties are proof that the company is credible and knows what they are doing. A professional and responsible company will always provide warranties to their customers. 

It secures your investment and you know that if anything goes wrong, it will be covered in the warranty. It shows that a company is providing quality services and will stand behind its work. 

Make sure you get the full details of the warranties they provide. Ask them about things like how long the warranty is, what it covers, and what it doesn’t. And most importantly, ask them for conditions that will nullify the warranty and try to avoid them as much as possible.  



These are some of the things that you have to keep in mind while hiring a company. Also, you should try to meet their team in person. It will give you an idea of how they treat their customers and what are their values. Working with professionals isn’t always enough. You need people who can listen to your specific needs and provide personalized solutions. SolarTEK Energy is the best solar pool heating installation company in the area. We are full-service providers and have the expertise to perform all sorts of custom pool installations. 

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